We brings to you a range of furniture and furnishing products that are stylish, durable, environment friendly and space saving.

Ensuring Quality: Quality is one of the most important aspects while purchasing any product. We take the utmost care to bring to our customers the best possible quality. To ensure consistent quality we have devised standard manufacturing and quality practices that we follow and share across all our vendors. Every single piece of product is tested against the standard delivery practices before dispatch.

Environment-friendly: Products made from wood and allied substances have been a vital part of human life since the dawn of civilization. Wood was the first building material to be used by mankind and till date, it forms one of the best building materials. It is used in a plethora of products ranging from home and shipbuilding to crockery. A tree takes decades to mature. The teak wood which is considered as one of best quality wood usually takes sixty years to mature. Research into it has made it possible to reduce the life span of the tree to about twenty years but these variants exhibiting wood characteristics similar to the natural wood with full life span is still under observation.

We at Bah Bet looks into ways to create a sustainable solution for utilizing the wood-based products in an attempt to create a balance between nature and need. We focus on abundantly available and relatively fast-growing tree species. We look at the wood derived from such species at the molecular level and intent to alter the properties to improve the desired qualities. The current processes employed to create modified wood in natural state focuses on chemical treatment which slows the degradation process once they are disposed of. Our focus is minimum use of chemicals and more focus on the mechanical methods to alter the chemical properties of wood and allied products. These alterations would increase the strength and durability of the product.

Contemporary and space saving design: furniture is the most integral part of your house. From the tea table to bed most of the family time uses one or other piece of furniture. The need of the furniture industry is changing. With growing congestion in urban life people have lower living space and we wish minimum space to be congested. The furniture takes majority of the space that you have within the house. It is important that you and your loved ones have ample living space within the house. Bah Bet is committed to offer you products that occupy minimum space and have contemporary looks.

we have a design team that focuses on continuous improvement in terms of modern looks and space saving design.


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